No Ifs Or Buts, It’s All His And Hers When It Comes To Having A Personalized Mug

personalized latte mugs

What’s yours is mine, well, folks, sorry to be reminding you of this but those days have come and gone. They have sailed away. No matter how much young couples, and the oldies too, profess to be so much in love, this is when the arguments start. People have broken up over these silly little things. But don’t you dare call my coffee, cappuccino or latte mug a silly little thing. This is serious folks. What’s his is no longer hers.

What’s yours is definitely not mine, as much as I’d like to chance my arm and sneak around the house when you’re not around. Thieves always get caught. Over the years, modern and practically-minded folks have wisely chosen to ditch the old fashioned, and yes, quite romantic notion in its day, to get married in community of property, or words to that effect, should they be brave enough to go down that aisle.

Life’s like that, and no matter how closely joined to the hips good couples are, they will always want to have something personal to call their own. And today, both halves of the one fruit have jobs to go to in the morning. Both will be rushing to the kitchen for their morning black brew or latte. Saving marriages could mean saving lives, so to help this cause, each to his and her own, personalized latte mugs and personalized cups for Joes (and Jills) must rule the roost.

And to show just much you love her (or him) you can tell her just how much you love her by placing an intimate, or saucy, little message on her new mug. That is to say that you don’t have the heart to tell her this outright.