6 Home Decorating Tips to Get You Started

Every room is different and should portray the personalities of the people who live there. This includes much more than just furniture layout NJ. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.    What is the purpose?

Is it a living room? Dining room? Bedroom? This may sound like silly questions, but it’s important to know the room’s purpose before you decide how to decorate it.

Once you have that, you can narrow it down. Is your living room for entertaining only? Are you going to be spending every day in there?

2.    Don’t forget about everyone else

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Unless you live alone, you need to be cognizant of the other people who live in your house. Do you have kids that will be in that space? Does your partner hate a certain color or type of wood?

Don’t be a design dictator and force only your taste upon others. Come to a reasonable consensus.

3.    Research

This part should be fun. Go through magazines, search for pictures online and compile everything into one area. That way you have all your ideas together and can start picking items that are must-haves.

4.    Size matters

If you have a small apartment, perhaps a wrap-around couch isn’t in the cards for you just yet. Don’t get oversized furniture if it isn’t going to fit into the space comfortably.

Whip out your measuring tape, and find out exactly what dimensions you’re working with.

5.    Get that Wow Item

Every room needs that one piece that draws in the eye. Make it something to start a conversation about – whether it’s a weird looking lamp, or an armchair that folds into a bed. You want something that makes a statement.

6.    Make a plan

Pick out your colors, themes, must-haves, and decide what order you’re going to do this in.